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Turning Imaginations Into 3D Creations!  


In a world flooded with signage, have your brand BECOME UNMISSABLE!

We are often asked WHY so many companies choose Mega 3D Signs.

The answer is surprisingly simple when you factor in the time it would take your staff to search for a reliable signage company supplier, deliver a high-quality sign, whilst getting MAXIMUM exposure! 

Here at the Mega 3D Signs we have got you covered.

We are a family owned and operated signage company located in the heart of Sydney with over 15 years of experience. Being a family owned and operated business we pride ourself on treating our clients as if they were family and always putting our client first, our workmanship and service are of the highest standards, guaranteeing quality and exceptional customer service. 

Mega 3D Signs specalise in a wide variety of signage and displays, from a simple to a more complex design, Mega 3D Signs are experts in turning your imagination into creation resulting in high quality 3D lettering signage, with a high-quality, professional finish. 

We work with a range of materials including but not limited to aluminium, acrylic, timber, polystyrene, hard coat or combinations thereof.

What makes Mega 3D Signs unique is the return and profit you will receive through the large crowds our signs draw in, not to mention the traction that will be received through FREE MARKETING on social media platforms! It has been proven time and time again which is why we have and have kept Australia’s largest companies and brand as our clients.

The only question is, how much could you profit from Mega 3D Signs?



  • 3D Signs
  • LED Signs
  • Acrylic Signs
  • Polystyrene Signs
  • Plastic hard coat Signs
  • Vinyl Print Signs
  • Boxes Signs
  • Digital Print Signs
  • Glitter Signs
  • Pool Floating Signs
  • Event Signs
  • 3D Billboards
  • 2D Billboards
  • 3D Displays
  • Red Carpet Signage
  • Window Shop Front Signage
  • Window Shop Front Displays Logos
  • Large Scale Signage for Schools and Universities
  • Large Scale Signage for Councils
  • Tv Commercial Signs and Displays

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Your One Stop Signage Shop

Say it, Convert it and display it. 

As masters of 3D signs and 3D lettering signage, we have built a reputation for excellence in comparison to all other signage companies in the Sydney region. 

We are Australia’s #1 choice of signage company because of our quality workmanship, high product integrity and our ardent commitment to our clients with our service; each client can always expect a satisfying experience from start to finish. 

If you can dream it, our team can create, we are experts of thinking outside the box and turning your imaginations into real life creation. Mega 3D Signs has a team of renowned expertise and experience that allows us to go further than any other signage company in Australia. Our clients can enjoy an added level of professionalism and exclusivity, with our capability of the art machinery.


While other signage companies can deliver results that are just satisfactory, Mega 3D Signs are the 3D signage suppliers that give you the ability to out pass the usual limits of creativity, and therefore, the competition. 

There are new competitors blooming everywhere and even the most competitive edge needs sharpening. The value of an organisations 3D Lettering Signage is often overlooked, however it is one of the key elements to stand out amongst competitors. At Mega 3D Signs, we pride our self on being innovative, tell us where you would like to go and we will create a strategy together so that your organization starts to reap the benefits of a new way to stand out to your ideal client. 


Make Your Brand become UNMISSABLE | 3D Signs & 3D Lettering Signage in Sydney

While we’re based in Sydney, our signage company supplies and delivers 3D signs nationwide. 

REDUCE, RESUSE, RECYLCE. Did we mention we provide our clients with an option for ecofriendly materials for our 3D lettering Signage? Our Eco-Friendly 3D Signs are the perfect solution for temporary and permanent installations, inside or outdoors, to make your message become unmissable!  We use our products in environmentally responsible ways, all scrap that is created during production of our 3D Signs and displays is recycled at our warehouse.


3D Lettering Signage and Displays on Demand | Powerful impact without all of the fuss. 

By now you are probably wondering how a Signage company can profit your organization? 

Weather your brand is in the back of the latest Tik Tok dance or goes viral on Instagram, Mega 3D Signs have proven results for our client by letting our team increase social media presence and brand awareness with our 3D Signs and displays.

We have some of the fastest turn around speeds for our 3D lettering signage in Sydney. Which makes us a great contender for advertising plans or event schedules. All along with the highest degree of accuracy, availability of highly tailored custom designs and dependable delivery. 

Whether you are a Small and Medium enterprise, events company or major corporation, we can create the 3D signs you are looking for, from start to finish. 

Our signs are built to last with our specialised and innovative plastic coating, our 3D Signs are light weight, highly durable, UV Stable and waterproof and can colour match to any corporate colour. Our plastic coating allows your sign to last through the test of time and we offer our clients 10 years warranty on all of our plastic hard coated outdoor 3D lettering signage.  

So what are you waiting for? Enquiry about your 3D Signs or display today! 


Top Brands Trust Us

Trusted as the Premier 3D Signage supplier by Top International Brands.

No Limits

We can turn your Signage Imaginations into 3D Creations.  Don't stop dreaming!

Skilled Passionate Team

Relax... our team of skilled, friendly and experienced 3D Signage professionals is at your service.

Trusted By The World’s Biggest Corporate Brands

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