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PVC Foam Board Signs


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We know how frustrating it can be when you are in need of a lightweight, yet high quality sign to capture the right message to your clients, this is where Mega 3D Signs come to the rescue with the perfect solution! PVC Foam board signs, this is a great low-cost option that doesn’t compromise on quality. You can use them for advertising, branding and promotions in-store, in shopping centres, store fronts or corporate events. PVC foam board signs are weather and UV resistant, which means they remain a valuable investment.

PVC Foam Board signs can be printed on both sides and will last may years indoors, we use solvent-based ink to provide quality prints with a variety of colours and crisp detail. PVC Foam board signs can be laminated with scratch resistant and weather resistant laminate that is UV coated to help prevent the sun from fading your PVC Foam Board sign. This rigid core material helps to prevent warping and allows sharp bends to be created without splitting. 

You can use PVC foam board signs to accomplish a multitude of purposes, one of our most popular uses for PVC Foam Board signs is 3D Lettering, we use polystyrene foam sandwiched between two sheets of PVC, this material allows PVC Foam Board signage to be used in many ways, whether is it an event, 3D Signage in your window display, activation or Office wall- Your options with PVC Foam Board Signs are endless.


Benefits of PVC Foam Board Signs: 

  • Attractive high-resolution colour and prints.
  • Cut with precision.
  • Single and doubled sided signs available. 
  • Custom shapes available.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor shop front signage.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Can be used as a 3D Sign
  • Can be self-standing, hanging  or attached to a wall.

Where can PVC Foam Board Signs be used? 

  • Offices 
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Shopping Centers
  • Stadiums
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels 
  • Events. 
  • Indoors 
  • Outdoors

How are PVC Foam Board signs used?

Go Viral on Social Media! 
A sure way to get return on investment on your PVC Foam board sign is to ‘Break the internet’ on Instagram, or to be ‘liked, followed and shared on Facebook, vlogged on Youtube, or to be in the back ground of the latest Tik Tok dance. Whatever product or service your brand is offering, don’t miss the opportunity to go viral on social media with PVC Foam board signs. 

Direct Engagement.
Our pop up, snap up or affixed PVC foam board signs are a great solution for communicating valuable information about products to the consumer, such as price, special features and warranties. Everything they need to know to make them more likely to purchase your product or service. We have a large variety of shapes, sizes and materials for every imaginable application. 

Create brand awareness in shopping centres, outlets or districts, PVC foam board signs make an affordable signage solution and can be installed indoors, outdoor, on walls or have them self- standing, this is the perfect opportunity to have your brand stand out and to be remembered.  PVC Foam Board signs are constructed of durable, rigid polyvinyl- Mega 3D Signs offers a large selection of stock sizes, with a manufacturing capability of producing custom sizes. 

Have a new product or service available for your target audience?  Attract your ideal client and make a lasting impression with PVC foam board signs, a great way to attract attention of your ideal client with vivid colour and 3D lettering options.
PVC Foam Board Signs are one the most popular forms of signage advertising because they can be to promote events, inform customers and, keep your brand, product or service in the forefront of your customers’ mind.


For Customer Service: Provide Directions In-Store or Create Product Categories

Let’s be honest, most people don’t enjoy not being able to find their way around a store, especially when they’re in a rush. Highly visual and effective signage system is a great way to make your customer’s experience easy and enjoyable.  
Mega 3D Signs has created intelligent PVC foam board signs for stores, aisles, warehouse sections and corridors. Let our team help you customise your sign to suit your brand and to create the best possible experience for your clients. 

One of the many advantages of Mega 3D Signs is that we can’t be muted blocked or skipped. Did you know that you are exposed to over 1,000 ads every day, with these numbers why not work on creating a strong brand presence? What makes Mega 3D Signs unique is that we offer our clients a creative and affordable solution so that they can have the competitive advantage and shine above the rest. What makes our 3D Lettering different is that we offer a variety of finishes and textures to suit your budget.


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